I was probably the skinniest kid in the class and YES I was bullied all the way up to the 12th grade.. Every year there was at least ONE that thought because I was skinny that they could push me around and call me names.

The only thing they didn’t know was I had a BIG brother and his friend that used to beat the crap out of me and hold me down and fart on my face and ALL the great stuff you go through having a big brother.

In other words, they made me TOUGH.

Almost every bully that called me names and such got away with it, but when they put their hands on me I started swinging at their face until they cried and went away.

I even had ONE almost twice as big as me at a football game one time, but YES he came to school the next day with a BLACK EYE.

He also apologized to me. How about that?

WELL… Let me give any kid that is even thinking of bullying another REASON why you should NOT do it.

My son just yesterday told me that one of his friends just got expelled from school.

Why? Because he was bullied and he had had ENOUGH of it.

He said his friend brought a KNIFE to school ( Yes a knife, those things that can slice you up and even puncture your skin and go all the way to your heart and make it stop and put you in the grave knife. )

He was going to stab that BULLY.

Fortunately they caught him with the knife first, before he may have completely changed his entire life.

Don’t do it. They have feelings.

We all have feelings. Let me tell you a secret if you are a bully and you are reading this right now.

Did you know that you would get a thrill just by being friends to them.

Did you know that all of us nerds have the coolest toys and games and if you were our friend, you could come over play with them and have a TON of fun.

Try us.. Just be our friend and protect us and we’ll let you play with our killer electronics and toys that our parents THAT LOVE US gave us.

Don’t wind up dead or if you would have run across me, who by the way thought I was Bruce Lee and was ready for you turkeys any day, I would have beat you silly. ( remember I had a BIG brother secret that made me into a warrior. )

In fact, I even put my 120lb self out of High School in the US MARINES and after 6 years came out weighting 195lbs with a 6 pack that for some reason no one messed with me anymore.

So go be a friend to a nerd or someone that looks lonely and sad.

You never know they may have the latest PS4 game or Xbox 360 waiting for someone to play with them or a killer dirt bike. We had two growing up.

Was there anything GOOD that came out of bullying for me?

I cannot think of one thing to this day that came out good from me being bullied.

You don’t have to do it.

I dare you to be a BIGGER man and protect those little kids.

Now, THAT is a real man in this US MARINES book.
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